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Hiya i am from Offaly in Ireland but i live in Belfast,Northern Ireland.. I am an adult classical pku-er and have been on the diet all my life.I have 2 sisters with P.KU and my brother is non P.K.U.

Was your son diagnosed at the start Prince?

I was lucky enough to be under the care of an amazing doctor in Temple Street childrens hospital in Dublin who insisted that diet-for-life was the way to go and said as much at all the conferences at the time when lots of countries were taking children off the diet.

Having said that i do find it hard to stick 100% to the diet especially when i was in university!!!

I am married with two healthy happy kids.

Oliversmummy on growing up we were probably the healthiest kids in the town as we got excellent vitamins and minerals every day and with the diet pku kids are bright as buttons!! I would strongly advise you tell Oliver to diet for life… but with the new advances who knows, perhaps the diet will get easier or some medical breakthrough will occur!!??

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