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Ok. This has NOT been our experience nad the last 8 weeks have been a nightmare as my daughter's phe levels spiked 8 times higher than normal and it took 8 weeks to get them back down to some semblance of normal. She has hyper-phe and is on Kuvan. Her reaction really shocked me because I was not prepared for that-I had no clue there was any danger there but as our pediatrician discovered, there is more in vaccinations than just egg. Some of them contain Aspartame and if they are live virus, then they contain an even more powerful pure protein that shoots phe levels up even higher. I am starting to question the wisdom of her having any more vaccinations. Because she is not Classic PKU there are a lot of resources that have not been made available to us and this site is my only connection to anyone else that might be in the same situation. Any recommendations?? Also can anyone recommend any good cookbooks?

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