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 Of course a virus contains proteins, as does any living microorganism, but in order to be coynt as phe in your childs levels it has to be catabolized, that is broken down. The reason there are peaks  in phe  after a vaccination I think is the immune reaction caused by the vaccine, as a stress, and not the virus itself. Imagine what would cause to our children the real infection. furthermore, some of these infections are live threatening, so for me there is no question about how necessary a vaccine is. We never had a great problem, I have always avoided to take blood levels too close to a vaccine, always let 3-4 days. owever , I had never noticed such an increase. 

As for a cookbook, I use Virginia Schouette's Low protein cookeery for PKU, http://www.cookforlove.prg (thanks Brenda! ) and traditional greek cousine, as we have many great vegan recipes. Hope this helps.

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