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 Hi everyone

My name is Nick and I have PKU too. I am from Greece but 1.5 years ago I moved to UK to do my MSc and now I work in an IT company. 

My story is that my parents got informed at the time I was born that I had PKU so since then I am in a diet and I will be in the rest of my life (unless someone finds a cure). I am 25 now so I am used to the diet and I have no problems with it. My doctors were saying that if you do strict diet while you grow up (while your brain grows up) then you can have a looser diet when you become 18. This is really hard but it is worthy. I have two sisters and one brother and only my little sister has PKU too. So I was the first one.

 Oliversmummy92 keeping a teen on diet is really hard. I remember myself breaking my diet every now and then when I was a teen. But it is something that can and must be done. I thank my parents for doing a good job on this. I was wondering if in UK children with PKU has to take special nutrition supplements because back in Greece the doctors still gives us nutrition supplements like this

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