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    The next PKU Adult Program conference call will be held on  March 20th at 7:30
    PM Eastern (US).  Any adult with PKU who would like to participate is welcome to join
    in the call.

    Topics for discussion include: a website for adults with PKU and what elements
    an ideal site would contain, the proposal of a clinical reference for
    practitioners treating adults with PKU, progress update on the formation a
    maternal PKU mentoring program, progress update on the creation of a simple
    reference for adults returning to diet, and brainstorming what would be helpful
    to assist adults with PKU returning to treatment or who are seeking to be more
    If you would like to receive the call-in information and the agenda, please
    email us with your name, age and geographic location and we will be happy to
    email you the document as an attachment.  If you are interested in being
    involved but are unable to attend this conference call, please let us know as
    there will be regular conference calls and opportunities to participate. 

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at

    Best wishes,
    Justin Young, MD, PKU Adult
    Sarah Foster, PKU Adult
    NPKUA PKU Adult Program Co-Chairs

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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