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    Everyone keeps telling me that I need to record everything I eat – yeah right! How do you do that when life is constantly on the go – between lunch meetings, family, and all the associated activities – I would love to know how you track your food intake in a life on the go…

    Avatar of Nick

    It’s all about being committed. I totally get being busy, but I carry a small notebook around, and make sure to record everything pretty much right after I eat…my coworkers all know about my situation, so they think nothing of me writing stuff down after lunch.

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    I know what u are saying!! it is hard.At the minute i am on so few exchanges that it is really easy to keep track. nHowever i have in the past used a small notebook…sometimes it didn’t get filled in until last thing at night but it does help…GOOD LUCK!!

    Avatar of Morgan

    My Dietican told me she wasn’t interestsed in keeping diet records on me. I pretty much eyeball everything anyway and it is very rare that I write something down. If I absolutely have to for three days or something then I will. I’m actually considering making up a menu for about 2 weeks and just sticking to that to see what my levels are like and if I can get any weight on me.

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    HI Dkorff,
    I understand what you mean. nSometimes it feels impossible to keep tabs on it. nThis is what i do:
    I count my protien instead of PHE’s.
    Its alot easier,and believe it or not you will start to memorize some of the regular foods you eat.
    I hope i helped you out a bit.
    Take Care, nTracie-PKU

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    I keep a small notebook in my purse that i carry with me all the time, everywhere i go. it really isn’t as difficult as i thought it would be! i got lucky though, cause as soon as i decided to start keeping the record (pre-pregnancy diet) i found a new job as a nanny so i’m at someone’s house all day and it’s sooo easy to control my diet with my own food and formula around me. i also count protein and not phe’s. i can’t imagine that counting phe’s would be very easy… the protein for all foods is right there on the box!!

    Avatar of Tracie

    Hi Emily, nThanks for the idea.I will try it.
    It also sounds as though ur formula is tastey.
    I Think i will try and get my dietition to let me try it.
    I hate taking any kind of pills,and i do not care for my Phenex 2 either. nBoy i sound pickey.LOL
    Talk 2 u later.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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