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    Friend of mine is a personal trainer.  For most of my life i was really scrawny but wanted to change that despite being limited to low protein foods which would work against me.  My friend and I worked around my diet and devised a routine we thought would work.  I don't work out really at all anymore because I work so much but I cannot emphasize how surprised I was after about almost a year. 

    Without meat, carbs was my usual intake… English muffin or home fries for breakfast (or both), salad for lunch maybe, or pasta for dinner or vice-versa.  Pasta I'll admit is high in phe levels but when I worked out, as I would 5 days a week for about an hour and a half, it was as if mentally and physically I'm ridding my body of the negative side effects associated with high levels—thinking clearly, no mood swings, not emotional, etc. I was eating lots of vegetables, lots of fruit, drinking those naked smoothies and normally only need to drink 4 of those PKU coolers daily but sometimes would drink 6 to build muscle mass.  My diet, drinking those and a pre-workout supplement containing creatine and B vitamins before and after the gym completely transofrmed my body.  Some of my friends thought I was nuts to try to build muscle without being able to eat meat and dairy, but I went from about 133lbs to 162lbs I think was my max. 

    When I came back to my dietician and genetics crew for my annual PKU check-up they could not believe how I had changed by utilizing PKU supplements.  The only fall back is that you're constantly hungry and you have the tendncy to eat more.  Buuuut, if you work out a ton it helps. 

    Anyone have any similar stories?

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    Hi, no similiar stories, but I have heard recently that intense workouts lower blood phe levels in a lot of people. Basically your body burns the phe when building muscle because it takes protein to do so. Keep it up! You may bel able to tolerate more phe too.


    Ditto to what sarahl said – keep it up! Creatine is great for recovery. There's also Maltodextrin ( but please check with your dietician and/or physician first before even trying. 

     I came across this posting while doing a search –

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    Due to long text data is deleted


    Wow. That's some serious muscle.  Good for you.  Yes, I hope to make it to the gym again soon.  I have a career in politics so my schedule is rather hectic and on call if you will.  My before and after pics are silly haha.  Night and day difference I tell you. 

    But I think we can all agree that physical fitness is one of the best things you can do to cope with the PKU diet / lifestyle.  And what's also true is that our diet constraints force us to eat healthier… The toxins from poultry and fatty foods we are not exposed to.  I've heard that our life expectancy is a lot longer than that of the ordinary person.  Time will tell I guess.

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    I was pumping Iorn whist younger and off the diet…….I got accused of using  anbolic steriods!!! As my muscle stature  changed dramtically in period of few weeks or mths.  As I packed on muscles I got heavier…But it didn't stop half all my meical ailments I have as I picked up late and it stuffed my system.

    Now I am quite as my parents say too big on my upper body and my legs are constantly a worry, althought I worked them too! My mum cooks enough veggies for a army, as I often stuff myself with veggies and rice! For  Aisan I find it hard to find clothes my size!!!!

    Beside that, I constantly work out with hand weight and walk around too. Done alot of sport, but they did do me justice buggered  me two legs and now I wear braces on them [weak legs deal to late walking]

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    To Ryeguy!!

    Good job.  You are an inspiration!  Both my grandkids have PKU (age 2 and 3) and I am learning so much from reading here.  I appreciate all the information given.

    Thank  you!

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     Hey Guys,

    It is really nice to read this post because i am a 24 year old female who has always been athletic. i have always had quite a lean muscular body however i have just decided to begin training for a body building competition. I think the key componant to my success is going to lie with my ability to properly plan and prep all my meals.

    in terms of formula i currently use lophlex because as RyeGuy suggested it is lowest in Sugar and also phlexy 10 tablets. if any of you guys have some suggestions as to how you made your formula work well pre and post work out i would be very interested to read.

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