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    Hi all,
     I am back on Lophlex and am finding that I have NO appetite what so ever.
    Now I could do with losing a few pounds… but I can see this getting a bit silly. 
    I could literally have my 3 Lophlex and easily not eat all day.
    I force myself to eat just so I can have my lophlex ( told not to have it on an empty stomach)
    for the last few days I have been having:
     2 potato waffles in the morning – Lophlex
    Cup of Tea – Lophlex
    a small meal in evening of potatoes and veg – Lophlex
     ( and drinking water/ OJ too)

    3 lophlex = 345 cals…..
    plus say 400 cals of food I manage to eat a day….. so lets say say 800cals a day!

    And I am struggling to eat that!
    Does anyone else find that when they are having the supplement properly – they have no appetite?  

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    I lost my appetite when I recently switched formulas, but it came back. I was hoping I would lose some weight too, but I think my appetite loss only lasted about 4-5 weeks.

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    I am on Maxamum and I have that three times a day. I find breakfast the hardest, because Ill have my formula first thing and then I don't feel like eating until lunch time! =( 

    It's quite tricky because I am on 16 exchanges and I need to eat them balanced throughout the day! But I do understand what you mean, if I have my lunch time maxamum late, then I don't feel like dinner much either!

    If you are given a set amount that you need to eat of protein then you should eat all your allowance so that it doesnt affect your levels. I do kind of force myself to eat just to ensure my levels are right! But yes I definately know what you mean!! 

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    I can see what you mean because the phenylade40 that i drink i have no desire to eat and i drink abotu 2.5 pouches more then i should. Of course when i was a kid without drinking the formula i had no problem only just eating once a day. Now with the formula i could technecally go without without eating as i get more then enough nutrients with the formula that i have now. Of course with 10 pounches a day i get 840 calories and then if i do i eat maybe a small dinner or something like that.

    I have been wanting to work out for some time and use my formula as a protien shake but i am not sure about the adverse effects of not eating after that.

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    Hi there…

    I totally feel the same and i drink PKU COOLER 20, and i have three throughout the day… My dietician tells me though its important for me to eat low protein foods and use my exchanges throughout the day because it all combines into one which makes your levels go down.

    I used to drink my drinks before my meals which then filled me up and i ate very little, so ave learned now to drink my formula after each meal, and sipping it helps instead of drinking it fast x

    Hope you find a solution x


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    I switch it up from time to time and usually eat before i drink it and then drink it all at night as it has been helping me sleep a little. Also i dont think it is really the formula that is really causing me to not eat i just think it is the way my body is. I mean when i was off of it for so long i never really ate that much maybe once a day. I remember as a kid i used to play sports all day long and not eat at all so i am not really sure what the problem is i just think it is the way my body is.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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