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    I posted this in another thread but I thought it was worth re posting. I’m noticing alot of parents of PKU children are told they can’t breasfeed their PKU babies. In reality you CAN! My mother did it with my sister who has PKU and many other parents have done it aswell. So I just thought I’d say for the newer parents if this is something you want to do, don’t take no for an answer because it won’t harm your baby. So here’s what I posted:
    nnI just wanted to give my thoughts on breastfeeding. I was my mothers third child and first with PKU. When I was born the doctors told my mom to stop breastfeeding right away so she stopped when I was 9 days old. Where will all my other siblings she breastfed for atleast a year. When my fourth and fifth sister came along my mom thought they would have PKU so she did alot of reading to see if there was anyway to breastfeed. They did not have PKU but when my sixth sister, Erica, was born she turned out to have PKU and my mom was determined to breastfeed.
    My dietitian at the time was very against it (but she was against alot of things my mom wanted to try). But my mom did it anyway and my sisters blood levels came back just fine. She used what is called the Supplemental Nursing System (SNS). I’m not a pro at explaining this since I was only 8 at the time but basically my mother breastfed my sister while wearing this device which basically fed my sister her formula while she drank breast milk. So NEVER believe doctors, dietitians etc when they say it’s not possible because it is very possible! You can go to: nand read my mothers story (the first one) and stories from other mothers of PKU children who successfully breastfed.
    I just thought I would post this to tell you and other new PKU parents that IS possible to breastfeed a PKU child. nBreanna n16 CPKU

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    Thanks Brea. This is good to know. Wish I had heard about it when Easton was born. I only nursed him until he was 4 months old. With something like this it could have been longer. Thanks for sharing this.

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    I’m with HappyMom in I wish I knew. I quit cold turkey in breast-feeding Addy when she was 16 days old. Boy, did I feel like Dolly Parton. Our dietician said I could breastfeed by pumping. Its not the same thing. Addy still prefers that I give her bottle to her and not her dad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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