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    I was just wondering what type of cheeses everyone knows about that are low in phes. I know there are like cambrooke cheeses and stuff but the only cheese I like from cambrooke is the macoroni shaking cheese. We found this cheese that is like American singles sandwich-mate cheese that we get from the store that is like 62 phes but it’s hard to find so I was wondering if anyone knew of other cheeses. nThanks Breanna n(lol looks like I don’t know everything )

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    The only cheese I use on anything is feta cheese…it has the lowest phe per TBS (110) and it is easier to portion. Also, grated parmesan (112 -1 Tbs.) and neufchatel (86 – 1Tbs.) (which is like cream cheese) are also lower in phe’s. nHope this helps!

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    I was just curious, how many phes a day are you allowed? thanks so much for the suggestion, I’ll run those by my mom but I’m not positive if we can use then since me and my sister are only allowed 300 phes a day…so most of those would be a third of my phes for the day. But thanks! nBreanna

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    I would say keep trying the different low phe cheeses. Theyre the only safe way to do it. And if you figure one slice of normal cheese has 62phes and your only allowed 300, thats more than 1/6th of your daily amount. Try more companies and you might find somethign you like.


    there is a veggie cheese at wal mart

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    You can buy onlnie nat nand you can get recipes from there 2 or ask
    me on (recipes)

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    I have ener-g cheese, but I use it sparingly. You’ll find that all special cheese (and most special FOOD for that matter) is junk. Hydrogenated oils are bad news. Check this link out:
    Just thought you’d like to know! :-)


    Ware can I get PKU cheese from

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    Well guys i am allowed the real stuff. nSo i can’t complain.
    I am allowed 60 grams of protein a day. nYes i am a mild case,but just started back on diet. nSo i don’t eat no meat or any other kind at all.
    I do eat tufu,and reg. pastas.
    So i am greatful. nTracie-PKU

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    My son doesn’t like the lopro cheeses so I use cheddar cheese soup. Just dillute it with a little water to the consistency you like. Be sure to measure before adding the water to get correct phe. I make the taco chips from the “Low Protein Cookery” by V. Shuett. My son is very picky but he eats this and loves it…


    BreaMarie91 I thouhjt you were on kuvan and reacting what happend????????????

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    I am taking Kuvan and yes I am responding wonderfully to it. I actually posted this question long ago (about a year before beginning Kuvan) and at that time I was only allowed 300 mg of phe per day. I am now allowed 1000 mg of phe each day.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding

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    I am just reading this and the original post is from like 4 years ago…but if there is a vegan rice cheese that comes in a few different kinds like mozzarella, cheddar, jack and it tates really good…i made my son mac and cheese the other day and he loved it and i would have to say it is pretty good. You can find it at many health food stores i bed a trader joes, I get them at guidos or a small health food store near me and i am so excited to have found the sodelicious coconut milk yogurt and is also really low in phe…i got this info from the cookforlove web page where she shows whats in her everyday pantry…and she also given the phe content check it out if you do not know of these products. you can go to the yogurt web page and there is a store locator. there is pic of the cheeses on the web page i forget the brand name 

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