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     I may have a chance to go to a pox party and expose my kids to chicken pox- but now with a pku infant i'm wondering what chicken pox does to a pku kid! thanks in advance

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    no one will suggest that you try this…but my neighbor recently had shingles and I have not given my son any imunization after much personal research on my part, i was thinking of getting him exposed i mean i had chicken pox i believe now since the vaccine the cases can be more severe than they used to be. But i am sure less severe if he were to get it as an adult. If he were to get a fever from this it would defently affect his PKU. i am not that sure about other sicknessed my son is only  months old and i have not exerienced very much sickness with him. let me know whay you descided and how it does or does not go.

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    I am adult with classical PKU, ave just recently had Chicken Pox and i didnt see it making a difference, altho maybe my levels went up due to having a temperture, jst like it wuld do with the cold of flu x

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    Yep I had chicken pox when I was about 4/5 when I first started school! It was no more uncomfortable for me than any other child of my age, however the levels may well go up or down like Nicole said! But they would go back to mormal when the child is feeling better again! 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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