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    My three week old daughter was diagnosed with PKU and has been drinking a combination of breast milk from my wife and special formula. We started her on phenex 1 formula and she would go three days without pooping. She gets severely upset due to constipation and gas, so the doctors switched her to analog formula withtout any luck of releaving the constipation. With doctors advice we tried prune juice and Karo syrup. Both worked right away the first time we used them, but she is still constipated and extremely uncomfortable due to gas and not moving her bowels. We tried tummy rubs, warm baths, exercises, and other things the doctors suggested without any results. Doctors say it will pass, but it’s breaking our heart to see her in such pain, and making the house a little tense due to lack of sleep. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated,even if it’s someone that has been through the same problem and could shed some light on how long this lasts. Thank you

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    as emberssing as it is so share but i find that i have had this problem my hole life. going days at a time. my mom said expscailly as a baby. so i know what u mean. its very frusterating and sad cause ur baby cant talk to u and tell u how to make her feel better, my boyfriend sometimes rubs my tummy and u sleep with a hot water bottle. i find the best thing for me since i was kid was drinking alot of water, i get dehydrated very easly, even though there is water in our formaula and babys milk its not always enough, my mom said that i was most comfterbale curled in a fetal postion with my knees bent at my chin.. does she lie like this alot? nim sorry i cant be more help , all i can recommend is more fluids and time. if u have any questions or would like more help pls feel free to contat me.

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    I have a 9mo old son with pku. We have had some problems with constipation but nothing severe. We added extra water to his formula and that took care of the problem. How have her numbers been? I’m just guessing but if her numbers are too high or too low that might cause constipation. Good luck with everything. I know how hard it is to be a new parent with a pku child. Sometimes it can feel like things are spinning out of control

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    Hi, nSorry to hear the baby’s not feeling well. When our son was 2 weeks old he would scream for about 2 hours every morning starting at about 2 am. We tried everything you mentioned too. I felt horrible that nothing made him feel better. The only thing that helped was time. That suggestion of watering down the formula sounds like a good idea. Check with your baby’s dietian about that before you change the formula recipe.

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    Lydia had a problem with constipation when she first switched her diet too. Her doctor said that it’s common when babies change their diets. She suggested using Babylax which is a liquid glycerin suppository and it worked within 10-15 minutes after we used it and she felt much better. I had to use it a couple of times until her body adjusted to her new diet. nSusan


    Thank you all for all your support and advice, as of 1/24 she pooped about three times. Hopefully this is the beginning of normal bowel movements. Thanks again

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    Ashley has the same problem and she’s pretty much had it forever (she’s 9 months old now). It got much worse when we started with the rice cereal. The only way I “help” her is by feeding her prunes. That seems to do the trick every time…she usually has a major blow out w/in hours . Not sure that’s so great for her system, but I don’t know what else to do.

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    mia had this problem when she was a baby, fresh orange juice helped her a lot.

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