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     Anyone has tried to monitor phe intake with dietwell for iphone or ipod? 
    I have tried pkutools, helpfull but the pc is not available all the time. I 'm trying to find if it worths to buy a touch iphone. My daughter is still young (9 months old) and things are still easy, but I wanna be ready and a tool like that seems helpfull for all counting. 

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    I have the app dietwell. It is somewhat difficult to navigate. I refer to it from time to time. My hope is that they will continue to improve on it.


     I have the app and absolutely love it.  I do not find it difficult to use at all.  In fact I can often find things in it faster then I could by looking it up in the phe book.  The best part about it is that I carry my phone with me all the time (I use the iPhone) and so I don't have to ever worry about not having a ready reference when I need it.  Plus I like that I can input the foods and the program adds it all up for me – I don't have to put too much thought into it.  

    My oldest daughter has an ipod and she has the app as well, and I don't think she finds it too difficult to use either, and my 12 yr old has looked stuff up on it without difficulty too.  There is a search feature that I like and you can also add foods if you find stuff that isn't in there.  There is also a section for adding recipes which I like but don't use often :)  

    The only hang up is if you count exchanges (like my 12 yr old is just starting to do) then you can't use the app.  

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     I love it! My daughter is also 9 months old and i use it pretty much every day- learning can she have some puffed wheat? and the jarred fruits and veggies and i like how they have so many different options- b/c she is so little she can have a wider variety!

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     I have used it since I started the post and absolutely love it! I was in a bussines trip for a week and my husband managed my daughter''s diet prety well, because of the additions and calculation with a pen any more….I added the milk she usually drinks and things are really easy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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