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    Hi , every body . Here the doctors tell us that when the fetus is about 12 weeks old , you can do atest . according to this test , if a fetus diagnosed with pku , you can do abortion .  their reason is that they didn't want to bring a child into this world with this disease . Is it also exist in your country ?

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    The test you are talking about is probably an amniocentesis. An amniocentesis is when amniotic fluid is extracted from a women's uterus using a needle, but it is usually not done until after 15 weeks of pregnancy. I personally would not have this test done, because like every test, having an amniocentesis done comes with its own set of risks (miscarriage, injury to the baby or mother, premature labor, etc).

    I would also never even think about aborting a child just because they could potentially have PKU. Whenever a woman gets pregnant they need to understand there is ALWAYS a chance that their baby will have a birth defect. Aborting every child who has something 'wrong' with them seems wrong to me, because no matter what you do you can never guarentee that your child will be 100% perfect. Even if a baby does not have PKU there is no telling if that baby will or won't be born with a different disorder such as down syndromes, spina bifida, other metabolic disorders, etc. This is just my opinion, but if a woman is really that afraid that their baby could potentially have PKU then they should simply not get pregnant again. But that isn't to say that there aren't people throughout the USA and the world that do abort their children when they find out they have a birth defect.

    Although PKU does come with its ups and downs it is not a death sentence nor is it a horrible disorder that dooms us to living awful lives. Many of us on this website that have PKU are happy, healthy, and completely functional. Several of us have or will go onto college, get married, and have children.

    To be completely honest if I had to choose a disorder for my future children to have I would much rather that they have a disorder like PKU, because PKU is completely treatable. Sometimes we get so caught up in complaining about how rough life can be that we forget there are parents in this world who would give an arm and a leg if their children's disorders could be treated with a special diet.

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    I agree with what Breanna said. The most offensive thing said to me when asked if my children were to have PKU and I explained it would depend on my husband and whether he was a carrier, they said why would you ever do that to the child like Breanna said, there are much worse things to be born with. The diet has come a long way and is manageable and children can lead normal lives! Of course the choice exists here in the US, yes, however I would hope that PKU would never be the only and deciding factor in aborting a child because I, and everyone else on this site are living proof that there is hope for us and we are healthy and happy people!

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    thanks alot for your replies . Brea for her complete comments and hlr26 for sharing information.

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    Hey I agree with both Breanna and Hunter… PKU is completely treatable as Hunter, Breanna, and myself are living proof :)

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    I agree with all the responses 100%!!  As a mother of a child with PKU, the thought of someone aborting their child b/c of PKU, infuriates me.  My child is still going to be able to live a healthy and happy life.  Yes, he will have to deal with things that other children do not, but I am so thankful that PKU is completely treatable.  I would give my life for my child in a second!  He may have PKU, but he is still my perfect little baby and I know he has great things ahead of him!!! 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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