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    My grandson is now 17 months old and is the pickiest eater. One day he’ll eat something and the next he hates it. I realize this also happens with kids that don’t have pku, but does anyone know an easier way to get him to eat? Especially now that we are buying the lo pro foods.

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    This is still kind of an issue with my little sister Erica, 8 CPKU. She’s a very picky eatter and weither it is bought low pro food (ex cambrooke foods) or homemade low pro foods she just never wants to try anything new. Unless of course it’s cookies or something.
    I’m sorry that I really don’t have a great answer for this question but I guess just keep working at it. Continue to introduce as many new foods as you can and if he likes something then make note of it so you can give it to him again. Another thing is probably only introduce one new food at a time. That way he only has one new food infront of him and he isn’t completely confused by all the new items. nGood luck! nBreanna n16 CPKU

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    Hi, nMy son is 18 months old. I still don’t purchase many pre-packaged low protein foods because they are expensive and I don’t know if he’ll eat them. I make a lot recipes from the Low Protein recipe book that have ingredients you can get at the grocery stores. He really likes the low protein pasta with some garlic salt on it. Kix and raisins make nice finger foods. He still likes his Gerber baby foods too.

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    thank you for responding, we keep trying. its not like he won’t eat anything, hes just really picky. he loves pasta, anything pasta he will eat. fruits and veges are a maybe.

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    My daughter is close to the same age. We are having the same problem. In fact, I spoke to her dietician yesterday. She told me that if I’m going to introduce new foods, they probably need to be bland. I have also bought items off the internet, and know they are expensive. This last time I tried things like, bread and cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches, or frozen chocolate chip cookie dough, or pasta. My daughter has tried the grilled cheese sandwich. We make one and cut it up in to about 4 pieces, giving her one piece at a meal. She will take a bite, but hardly ever eats the whole thing. You might try oven bake french fries. Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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