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    hello… i was just wondering how many ppl on here have Facebook and would like to chat there? also i created a PKU group on facebook…feel free to check it out .. it now has 160 members and many discussions and wall posts. i have met so many pkuers from here alone and now we chat on msn too!! i also created a cause for pku once facebook.. if ur a facebooker u know what the cause application was.. i made this one cause there were causes for everything but last count there was approx 200 memembers there……when searching the cause or group it is just titled.. PKU and have a yellow and pink pansy (flower) if u want to add me personaly u can search for me as Amanda Cosburn , there are 2.. im the one with in the vancover network.. my pic is currently me with red curly hair! hope to see u there!

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    wow my facebook PKU group has reached 215 people and only last week did it break has been running since this time last year too!! also my pku cause applcation is rising i have recutired 23 ppl but in hole there 100+ memebers!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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