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    I could use some advice. I’l trying to get my one year over to more solid finger food and I’m having trouble with low phe ideas. He loves bananas, toast and crackers. I’m trying to find high and low phe ideas so that I have options for dinner based on what he has eaten for the day. Any ideas or sample menus you have used with your kids? I could really use the help!

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    My daughter is almost 13 months old, so hopefully I can help. For fruit,she loves diced peaches and pears(fruit cups), mandarin oranges, fresh plums peeled and cut into small pieces, bananas, red grapes cut into small pieces, and I am going to try strawberries next week. Veggies-frozen peas and broccoli(cooked well), canned low sodium green beans, canned carrots, diced cooked eggplant, soft cooked squash and asparagus,and for potatoes (sweet and white) I cook, mash, and make little balls for her to pick up. Try some low protein pasta with a little butter cinn and sugar. Gerber puffs,Froot Loops, Pepperidge Farms Very thin sliced bread too.

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    Hi! My son is 11 months old today! He is able to have 65 little Gerber Banana Puffs that are easy for them to chew. To be honest he doesn’t usually eat that many but at least he gets a little snack. Also, you can try the Gerber Wagon Wheels. For each wagon wheel it is 7 Phe. We have had to call Gerber on a few of the items to determine how many phes are in a serving and what exactly is a size of the serving. They are so helpful and polite about everything..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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