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    As you all know i am working with a few of my closest friends to organize the first PKU walk a thon here in canada, we have had a lot of progress and i just wanted to updates u all , and let u know if u want more information on the walk or u want to send inofrmation to a friend or family memeber u can have alook on my website at
    our walk “The Fiirst Victoria British Columbia PKU Walk-A-Thon” will be held at JDF rec Center on May 10th 2008 between one and three pm. we will be having a BBQ, raffles , 50/50 draws and possibly sales of pku tshirts and wirst bands, maybe even some pku recpie books.
    we are still looking for sponsers and we begin collecting donatations next month as well as regerstration fees. there is a flat fee of 20.oo were u will get a recipt this covers the walk , food and tickets for draws and raffles.
    if u want more info see my site or feel free to contact me at anytime!!
    thanks for all your support !!!
    also just wondering if any of u plan on walking or donating … just curious lol
    we plan on dividing donations between a low protein food fund for use of those who cant afford food and the Vancouver BC’s Adult metabolic clinic .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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