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    Is thir anyone out thir that is tired of eating the same foods everyday. Any idias would be helpful. nThankyou. nCatcocoa.

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    What kinds of food are you looking to try? Italian, Mexican, or just different recipes for veggies? My son is not into the newer products, so we do alot of experimenting. He loves creating “chili” style dishes.

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    Hi Cat,
    I relate to what u are saying. nThe same foods get very BORING.lOL nAs for myself i try alot of stir fry dishes. nSuch as 6 tbsp of rice nA mixture of veggies:Brocolli,carrots, nVery little tofu,and sometimes even asparagus.
    If i get sick of stir fry flavor i use alot of Garlic,and onions,and mushrooms.
    Instead of bread i will try rice cakes for a veggie sandwich.
    Just try to experiment with all veggies. n1 of my favorites is butternut squash.
    TTYL, nTracie-pku

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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