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    My 3yr. old is a very , very, finikie eater and does not eat alot of variety of foods. If anyone has a three yr. old that is reading this, will you tell me the differnt foods he/she eats or is your child a finikie eater too. thanks!

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    I wish I could help. I have a 3 year old, also, that I just adopted from Russia. Feeding her has been a challenge. Our food has much stronger flavors than Russian food. She likes french fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, applesauce,bananas, no vegetables but will eat vegetarian vegetable soup, and most of all, fruit snacks! We had a difficult time getting her to take the formula since they were all flavored. We finally found an unflavored one and mix it with applesause or flavor it with banana flavoring. She lived off low pro bread that I baked when she first came home as that was a strict no no in Russia. She was thrilled that she could eat all the bread she wanted! I introduce new foods to her by literally forcing a small taste in her mouth. She will not try new things on her own. If I can get a small dab on her tongue, she usually will like it. I have a 17 year old with a urea cycle disorder that is managed partly through low protein diet. Variety for him is also challenging. He likes to add different seasonings or dressings to the pastas or make up recipes to add a little variety. Just some suggestions. Hope something will work.

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    My 3 year old is also picky. We have been living the past 2 weeks on toast. He will usually eat what I make for him if I let him choose out of the cabinet and let him help make it. Kind of a pain if it differs from what we’re eating but he usually eats it because he “made” it. Hope this helps.

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    I just want to say becareful witht the amount of protein your child can eat and certain fruits and veggies. Especially bananas, oranges, and coconuts. Some fruits and veggies actually have a high concentration (comparitively) of PHE. French Fries and potatoes do have a lot too (although I LOVE both of them). Medium size fries and McDonalds have 4 grams of protein. I do not know your specific child’s needs but I can only have 5 grams a day and I am 18.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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