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    i found some saifin bean threads there kind of like a noodle there made with mung bean starch potato starch and water in the nutrition facts its says that there is no protein in them but i not sure my granddaughter can have them

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    Sorry, I don’t know. Usually the rule of thumb is that 1 gram of protein is equal to about 50 phes (or 3.4 exchanges) so it should be okay if you don’t give her to much. If you have the number to your granddaughters dietian/doctor you could try calling them and see what they say. nBreanna

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    The nutrition labels can have .49 grams of protein per serving, and still round down to 0 grams, so just because it says 0 grams doesn’t mean it’s “free.”

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    my boyfriend inveted the rule for me that if the nutrion facts on the lable say under 2 mg then i can have it (and if it dosent list aspertame or nutersweet in the ingredients) i live by this rule and dont even count my exchanges or phe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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