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    Mary Caite

    ok so the formula i have now is kinda grose…ok i lied its REALLY GROSE! i just need a little help on what formulas are good! I went to this camp in georgia and tried all these formulas and there were a couple that i liked but (like always) i forgot the name of them… so thanks a bunch! -Mary Caite

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    I take the PKUexpress coolers. They come in like little juice pouches, they leave a tiny vitamin after taste but besides that I thought they’re okay. Then I take the xphe maxamum (the juice boxes) and they taste REALLY good! They come in both berry and orange and they aren’t to thick and you just shake and drink. They taste alittle creamy and they look almost just like regular cows milk. You could try Phlexy-10 bars which kind of taste fruity with a yogurt type coating. There’s also the Phenylade Amino Acid blend, I don’t take it but I tried it and liked it alot. You can mix it in kool-aid or juice and you don’t even taste it! I hope this helped. nBreanna


    I just drink the regular Phenyl free 2 mixed with Phenylade. It sorta tastes like vanilla with a kick. I didn’t like it at first but after a while I like it I mean its not the best thing I ever tasted but its actually a relief to drink it after a while.
    If you try it give it more than one day of trying it. It took me a while (like 2days) to get used to it.

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    my formula is unflavored amino acid blend, which is really good because i can mix it with anything that has a strong taste. currently i drink it mixed with sunny delight- the taste of the sunny delight completely overtakes the powdery formula taste, so i don’t mind drinking it. you may want to consider an unflavored powder formula like this, because you can make it taste however you want.

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    Yeah I forgot all about that, I tried it at a PKU conference I went to and it was really good. I drank it in fruit punch and then mixed it in applesauce and in both I couldn’t even tell it was in there!

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    PKU express coolers are by far the best!!!! i love them, they are easy to cary around, (a bit bulky compaired to other formuas) but they are super quick and easy. i know that seems right out of a magizine, but they really are worth a try, at first they taste kinda gross, but after taking them for a week the taste becomes unoticable. i have been taking the PKU coolers for about a year and a half. i love them! out of all the different amino acid formats, they are by far the best!

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    I agree, the coolers are awesome! You’ve been drinking them 1 1/2 years? Wow! I started drinking them back in Sept because I got a new dietitian and she finally let me switch formulas.
    My older dietitian wouldn’t let me switch and I was miserable!

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    Hi there,
    If your able too try to make it into a smoothie.
    Thats what i have too do with my formula.
    For example:1 cup of Phenex 2. n2 Mangos nSprite(Free food) nJucie base(usally OJ) nand a crap load of ICE.
    Blend together,and it actually nGood.
    Just a thought.
    Best Wishes, nTracie-PKU

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    I don’t even drink formula. I’m a premed college student, so my lifestyle is very busy. I dont want to deal with carrying a container everywhere, mixing messy formula powder, and trying to keep it cold (or choke it down before it gets warm).
    I use the phlexy-10 tablets. If you don’t like swallowing pills this isnt for you, but i think it’s really handy. Itke 60 pills a day, which sounds like a lot but honestly it’s not that bad. I split it up and take 20 pills at a time 3 times a day. I can pop two in my mouth at a time, so it takes all of 2 minutes to take 20 pills.
    The pills also contain 3 grams of fiber per 10 tablets (thats 18 grams a day for me!!), which is awesome for your body. PKU patients can sometimes have a hard time getting the right amount of fiber. Also, only 35 calories per 10 tablets. I dont know the caloric value of other formulas but I’m betting it’s at least a little higher due to all the added flavorings.
    Last benefit: You dont have that nasty after-taste lingering in your mouth after you take the pills. Your tongue might taste a little funky, but that’s better than your whole mouth smelling like dog food!
    Hope this helps!


    hey…umm..i take a drink called Phlexy-10 and its pretty good for the most part. The first time you taste it its got a different taste but its pretty good and i like it!!!


    and another thing to jenn_harney….how many of those pill do u have to take a day??? my mom and i were doing research and thought that you had to take up to alomst 80 pills a day!!! if i can i would TOTALLY LOVE to take pills instead of the formulas…if you can let me know!!! thanx!!
    ~Kayla Buchholz

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    Hi Kayla, nTry talking to your dietition about using something different. nAlso you may want to try Kuvan. nThat is what i am on. nThe coolest thing is i only take 5 a day.(Pills),and i am responding so well i don’t have to take my formula anymore.(Thank God)
    I was on Phenex-2.(Real grose)


    My son who has fought the formula since day one really! He takes phexy-10 add-ins has no taste goes in your food a little gritty but beter then phenex also I like the phexy-10 mountain berry this tastye like coolaide I am non pku and really liked it

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