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     We're struggling with the heel prick- now that she is 6 months old and has had many many many heel pricks i feel like the prime locations are already scarred. Any help? suggestions?

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    I know that usually the lab suggests a heel prick, but since the begging what we are doing is using the thing diabetics  use ( I don't know the word) and I take blood from her finger. It works fine, you have to be patient to get a large drop , but at the end I think it works fine without much of a reaction from the baby. I hope this helps.

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    I get mine from my thumb. When I was younger, my mum used to do it from my heel, my Mum said I was about a year before she changed to the thumb. I have no lasting scars on my heels or thumbs! I hope this helps?!

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    My son Ace is eight months old.  We started pricking his heel ony once a week when he was around five months.  We rotate (Left heel inside one week, and then right heel inside, then left outside, and then right outside) so there is never usually a scar.  Also, the PA Department of Health supplies us with tenderfoots which is like a little plastic box and the needle is spring loaded so it is pretty easy to do and makes a clean prick.  Is that what you are using?

    I have heard that most people switch to the finger at a year also?

    Hope this helps!

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    What lancets do you guys use? I've found that some lancets just don't work as well as others, because not all lancets are meant to produce the same amount of blood. Have you tried warming your daughter's foot under warm water for a minute or two before doing blood tests? Or even doing it right after she's taken a bath might help.

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    I know what you mean i have had this problem. I now think have found a way that work. hope this helps. I use tenderfoot lancets that i have to order and pay for (you can just order them from midwife web sites and have them sent to your door the pink and blue ones would be great for a 6 month only)i think if i faught with the insurance they would pay for it bit no regularly( although they should) you would have to appeal it( they stated to me that the reciept did not have all the infor they needed). they are expensive like 3.50 or so each but they work so well they are the same ones that are used in hospitals for the newborn screening. I use a warm washcloth and keep on warming it for about 5 minutes before we do the spot, and make sure his heel and food are nice and warm and then we rotate as well. And i agreen you may want to talk to you doctor why do you have to do they so frequently still i think i was doing them once a week, and they gave enough time to heel. i actually had to tell them i was only gonna do they every other week when he was like 1 she said they was fine they just had thought i was more comfortable with every week. are your sons levels under control yet? i know it took my son a long time and then still sometimes, they go off…Hope this helps good luck

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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