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    Our son's last visit at the clinic returned blood work of Phe levels of 582. Our clinic (Sick Kids, Toronto) implements changes to diet at 600. They were wondering if his levels were elevated due to a slight sickness, as his white blood counts were also up. Regardless, they had to mail us a at home test, for us to mail back. They wanted us to mail it back the day we got it. It came with the lil blot paper and the lancets. We understand all the instructions, however, there are no instructions for how to use the lancet. We have tried to call both our nurse, and the clinic line, and have not recieved a return call from either message. Hoping someone here can help.

    Question 1: It states to fill a circle, and she explained that we need to see it soaking thru, however, it doesn't state if it matters which circle we fill. There are 5, does anyone know if it matters which one.

    Question 2. They gave us two styles of lancets, I will describe both, if anyone uses them, can you let us know step by step how to use it. The poor lil guys is 6 months old, and we don't want to cause any more pain then already required,

    Lancet 1 – Pink and White. The body appears oval shaped, with white at the farthest end from what we assume is the needle end as it has a cap The cap indicates twist, but we don't know if that is to remove it, or activate it. The cap and bottom end of the oval are pink. There are ridges on the flat portion of the oval as well as indents, which we assume is for gripping by our fingers. There are indented code, not sure if its for this one, or all that look like this. It is N5H52N6

    Lancet 2 – Mint green, and white. The needle cap is white. It also indicates twist This one appears to have a plunger end which is also white. When looking in the plunger almost looks like there is a track with a S shape. What I would refer to as the body or housing, is mint green. There are no #s or letters on this style.

    We don't want the fact our nurse may be away today, cause a delay in getting these blood results back. Thank you!

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     Ok- First of all- it is best if baby is upright. If you can get someone else to hold /cradle baby it works much better. Since my daughter is sitting up well i just put her in her high chair and get one of here sisters to hold her other foot so she doesn't kick me while i'm working. 

    1) Get a warm facecloth- don't burn the skin but rather warm and apply until it cools off- repeat- repeat and then the next time just apply for a moment to reheat the skin

    2) dry the area and then clean it with alcohol /alcohol swab and then dry it again with something clean (preferably sterile) 

    3) align the lancet where it belongs. We use the mint green ones. Hold it with the open end firmly against the skin (at first we didnb't need to do this but by 6 months we did) so you are pushing it in maybe 2mm? Then with the other hand hit the white button. 

    4) quickly remove the first smear of blood

    5) wait until the blood forms a good drop – maybe 15 seconds? It will feel like longer- then put it in the middle of the drop circle- it may take a few of those big drops to fill a circle here we fill two- i like the outside ones b/c they are the easiest to navicate b/c you cannot hold it under the circle where the blood will seep through. Has good info. Good luck. 

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    Thank you so much for this Clenk.

    We managed to get the blood with only a few tears (Mostly from us). He forgave us quickly, and we have shipped it back, anxious to hear that his levels have lowered.

    We went with the mint green lancet as well, and it was much easier than I worked it up to be. Unfortunately, after using one to test off his foot to make sure we were doing it right, and one that we used on him, we are forced to now figure out the pink ones if they need it again, as we only got a couple green ones! haha. Ahh well, life of a mom right :)

    Thanks again!

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    It doesn't matter which circle you fill as long as it is filled completely so that the blood covers both sides. Like Clenk said, warming his heel before doing the blood test will help. You can do this by running warm water over his foot for a few seconds or holding a warm wash cloth on his heel. This will help with the blood flow and make it easier to fill the circle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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