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    hey everyone
    i knew i was gonna be in the minority here, being outside North America-oh well…
    I’m almost 26,had pku all my life(my older bro too).i only bloodtest when forced to by my dietitian(letter in the mail), I don’t count points or anything but a lot of maxamum formula keeps me fairly sane. i am on a low income & i find ordering low protein food to be something I can rarely afford (except the maxamum). being here, we also have less choice in that stuff than bigger countries with more pku people like the U.S.
    i have started eating a lot of gluten free stuff from supermarkets & health food stores tho. some of it has soy in it but it’s easier & cheaper to get than lo pro stuff.
    anywayz nice to meet y’all,
    take care of yourselves

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    Hey, that’s cool that you live in Australia. I have 2 PKU friends (both a few years younger then me) who live in Australia. Do some stores carry Ener-G Tapioca bread? My mom found this at a store near us and it’s really love in phe, 30mg I think? nBre

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    hey bre nah i havent seen that but will keep an eye out for it thanx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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