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    Hi everyone, I am trying to understand how the exchages work and how you go by PHes? I am new to this and want to understand this diet completely? My husband gets to have 53 exchanges which I was told was 16 grams of protein. That is how I determine what he is going to eat, going by 16 grams of protein. What is the phes and how do you figure how many are in what foods? I have seen the book by Virgina Shcult but not sure how to read it. Does anyone know how you donvert 53 exchanges to how many phe can he he have? Thanks for all help.

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    1 exchange=15phes so 53 exchanges is 795phes and I’m pretty sure that three exchanges is 1g of protein. So 1g of protein is about 45g (but this can change and isn’t always accurate).
    If you order the book you simply open it up and go to the section you want for example if you want to find the phe in an apple you would go to the fruit and vegetable section. Then you would find apple and it will have a column that tells amount and another that says exchange. So then lets just say it says the amount in the exchange column for an apple is .6 so then that would be how many exchanges it would be for how ever much amount is in the amount column.
    Actually the book does have pages in there that explains how you use the book and your husband would have to just write down what he eats then how much exchanges or phes he eats in a day and add it up throughout the day and make sure he doesn’t have mor ehtne he should. Hope this helps alittle. nBreanna

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    hi Amy
    my name is Keisha and i live in Queensland Australia all the phe exchanges are really confusing for me as well, because i have always been taught to count in units. my son is allowed 25 units of protien per day so we have to find the amount of protien say on the back of a food product and times it by 3 and that gives us the amount of protien that is in food. nKeisha

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    i know im allowed 4 grams of protein a day and thats it. so I look on the back of the packet and find out how much protein there is. i always called those my exchanges. whats the difference between what im doing and exchanges?

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    The difference between an exchange and what your doing with the protein is that 1 exchange=15mg phe and 1g of protein=45mgphe
    So basically 1 exchange is just 1/3 of one gram of protein.
    If I’m correct since your allowed 4g of protein you would be allowed 12exchanges and 180mg phe.
    Hope this makes sense. nBreanna


    How do you guys know how many exchanges/grams of protein your allowed to have? The last time I was told I was allowed to have six a day. But I remember that from when I was a really little kid.

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    I know that I’m (and my little sister) supposed to have 300mg of phe a day (or 20exchanges/about 6.5g protein I think). We go to visit my medical geneticist (my doctor), genetic counselour and my dietitian either every six months or every year. They tell us the recommended amount of phe we should be taking based on our blood levels. nBreanna n16 w/CPKU

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    Your doctor will be able to tell you how many exchanges you can have now that you are older.
    1 exchange=15mg phes n3 ex= 45mg phe= 1 g of protein (roughly)
    nI am allowed 15ex so I can have about 5 grams of protein. If anyone orders from Cambrookefoods they have a new “phenometer” that is free when you order food from there. It is a ruler that has all 3 measurements on there so it helps you keep track a lot easier (i use a paperclip to keep my mark)

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    my aunt told me that the prblem with the gram way is that the food labels aren’t exact enough. they round it to the nearest gram, so if your trying to be exact, it’s way better to weight it, and do the math with multpiliers than just to guess based on the grams on the nutrition label.
    responses? I don’t know for sure about any of this, so i might be wrong.

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    Livvy- nYour aunt is right, from what I know. For the most part nutrition labels on food aren’t exact. For example it might say 1g of protein, but it might actually have 1.5g of protein. Which means you could be thinking that the food has 45 of phe (I think) when it really has about 68mg of phe. It’s not alot of difference but if for infants, women who are pregnant/trying to get pregnant or who aren’t allowed alot of phe then those 23phes could be alot.
    I think for the most part the people who count grams of protein are people who can tolerate alot more food. So if they aren’t very exact and go alittle bit over their food allowance for the day it’s not as important as it would be for somebody with a low tolerance. I personally count in mg of phe because when I was born my mom was told that is the most exact way to count food out of mg of phe, exchanges and protein. nBreanna 16 CPKU

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    How many Exchanges are you lot on.

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