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    My husband is convinced that our son who has classical pku won't be able to do yucky things little boys do such asnnEat whatever comes out of his nosenPick and eat scabs (yuck)nChew his nailsnLick a wound ie suck a cut finger.nnIts really annoying me because he can't see how ridiculous he is being. I want to bring it up with our dietician in front of him to show him how silly it is but just can't bring myself to.nnCan anyone reassure him.

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     Well- actually i'd say your husband is right. Blood had high phe- and i would imagine scabs do as well and i for one am a bit worried when my daughter has a runny nose b/c i dont' know the phe content of snot. But i'm guessing there is a phe content. But there are so many other things about being a boy- it 'll be ok


     As a parent to three children with PKU and six without I have to ask why your husband would be even concerned about gross things like that?  I don't want to sound rude, but the reality is when my children have tried to eat their snot I have stopped them – not because of the fear of the amount of protein in it, but because that is a nasty habit.  I can remember back to when I was a child many years ago and there was a boy that lived down the street from that (we went to school together) and the kid always picked his nose and ate it and honestly NO ONE liked him.  We all through he was gross and stayed away from him.  I would never want that child to be mine.  Same thing with illnesses and runny noses – I am always hyper vigilent on keeping their nose wiped so they don't eat their snot.  To me this is no different then when I have a runny nose – I make sure I wipe it so I don't eat it so why would it be any different for my child?  Even my 2 yr old knows how to wipe her own nose because I taught her how to do so.  (Now on the flip side phe levels can go up when your child is sick but that doesn't have to do with eating snot).

    Eating scabs – again this falls into the that is too gross to allow my child to do category!!  

    As for sucking blood on a cut – I am sure there isn't that much protein and it isn't going to screw up your son's blood levels from a one time shot of sucking a cut.  

    Again I am not trying to sound mean, but the things your husband is concerned about really aren't something that he should be freaking out about because the reality is you wouldn't want to encourage your child to do those bad behaviors.  I am sure if you brought it up to your clinic they would say the same thing.  

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    Sorry i couldnt help but laugh…..What ur husband is concerned about is sooo Silly!!!

    I have PKU Myself and when growing up i dont think i ever picked my nose and ate it.. Or picked my scabs and ate them lol however i do bite my nails when nervous and i do bite my lips ocaisonally till they bleed and ave never noticed a dramatic change in my blood levels.

    So if i was you i would tell ur husband to stop being so silly… and concentrate on the little things that does matter x

    Good luck x


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    but all the thing , you explained is related to lowbrow people . it isn't different child has pku or not . but these works disgusted in all sosieties .

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    I don't think it is a stupid question! In fact I have asked it before.  You must all have very well-behaved children if they don't do these things.  Whenever I am at a toddler group I see loads of children picking their nose and eating it and other similar yucky things.   My daughter is the same.  I also know lots of grown ups who do it.  Also, sometimes my daughter has a snot explosion (when she sneezes and LOADS comes out)  and she / I can't get to a tissue quickly enough so some goes in her mouth.  

    I don't think these things make her particularly low brow or gross, she is just 3.  I do stop her if I see her doing it and tell her it isn't very nice, but I know she does it behind my back.  Ditto things like eating insects (yes, she has done that too). 

    I am sure all these things have protein in but it is such a small amount it never seems to have made a difference to her levels.

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    ok i heve pku and i usto dothat whene i was a kide.

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    it did not do eny thing to my lvls!!

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    My kids are not best behaved but however i brought them up knowing there manners which means picking ur nose and eating it is wrong and disgusting specially the scab part, dont think it ever came across my childrens head to pick a scab and eat it unless they saw someone else do it???, however the whole point of this Post was the concern about the dangers off protein through a snot and a scab and the answer is NOT ALOT !!


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    I can't help but chuckle a little at this thread.  However, I do see the validity of the concern.  Let me tell you, I have PKU, it is not Classic, but still enough to require treatment.  When I was a child I did all the disgusting things you mention, ate scabs, picked my nose, tasted the blood from my scrapes and cuts, and my mother told me not to.  I have grown up fine; in fact when I was 6 I was honored for having the lowest phe levels in South Dakota at the time and got to have lunch with the Governor (I was not political then, lol).  As you can imagine that is around the age kids have stopped their dirty,curiosity based, habits and the honor was for a lifetime achievement, not just a year.  This honor must have also meant my parents were doing something right too; if that makes us lowbrow so be it; but I happen to feel those who can't spell correctly shouldn't throw stones! 

    I hope this has helped!

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    way off the subject…… question, does anybody know of  any Insurance Company that accept the pku milk Phenyl -2  in the East New York area ? thanks


     I use to eat perkins paste clue as I was always hungry growing up! I don't think my phe levels changed too much but who knows as I never told my mother I ate it! I don't think that this habit last that long!

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