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    Does anyone have to pay an outragous amount per month for your childs formula…with insurance coverage.


    No. Just get a pre-ordered prescription for

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    Where I live insurance covers my milk, most pastas and baking mixes. I’m not sure how much the insurance cost (because I’m only 15) but I do know that if I get anything extra like from cambrooke or anything from maddys it’s alot. nBreanna

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    My insurance requires me to pay 20% of my daughter’s formula, it is covered under nutritional supplements/enternal feeding. You can check this website to review what your state law requires insurance to cover…

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    I was wondering if anyone can help. I looked at the website provided in the chain, and I see that our states says that Formula should be covered. Who should this be covered by. My son did not qualify for medicade, and our insruance company said it will not reimburse us since the formula does not have to be administed through IV. I am wondering if we are going all the wrong routes. Can anyone help with any information?

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    I would start to check with your State Insurance Advocate. Years ago formula was not covered at all, but I know in NJ we fought for legislation for Formula to be covered through our insurance companies. I have had different issues, at times we needed to get the formula directly from Mead Johnson and then my insurace company reimbursed us, then most recently the formula was provided by a medical suppliers. If your child visits a clinic or nutritionist they might be able to help you to find out where to obtain the formula from and the coverage. They most I paid was my out of pocket expense.

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    Thank you so much for the help. I found the DE Insurace Commission and I have sent them an email.
    Thanks for your help.

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    i live in Michigan and we get the formula free of charge and i know that it is costly my mom tryied to getting me ssi and at first i was accepted and then denied but i would like to know how you get your insurance to help you pay for your foods . we pay out of pocket.
    please write back


    i get the formula free… but do you know if i could get the phe free food free ? just wandering thanks

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    Heather I’m from WI and we get things like low pro pastas and a few other things free (unfortentually we don’t get things from companies like Maddy’s and Cambrooke free) but I’m not sure about where you live. You could check out this site that has basic insurance guildlines on it, It might tell you. nBreanna


    okay thanks!!!

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    Dang Guys,
    I need to move where i live they do not cover squat,and they say that we are not in range to any kind of assitance.
    It cost me just for the formula 304.00
    for 1 case 6 cans.
    They really need to change it out here,but it is so difficult.I don’t even know where to begin.
    Any advice on where or to whom we talk to?


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    Does any one have the web sight for low protein foods like hambugers and hot dogs. nThank catcocoa.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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