Community Discussion Forum Parent support Is metamucil safe for a one-year-old child?

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     We live in Greece and here we don't have metamucil. I had a friend bring me metamucil from the States and I want to use it in low-pro bread, but our doctor hasn't heard of it. Is it safe for a small child? On the label it says consult your doctor for children under 12, so I consult you great parents….Oh and I have the original texture, unflavored, coarse milled . Is it the right one?

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    Metamucil should be okay for your little one. We have always used metamucil when baking things such as low protein breads, and we have never had an issue with it.

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    Happy holidays!

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    Hello friends!! Does anybody know of an insurance company that accept the purchase of Phenylfree 2 in the New York,New Jersey and Conneticut area???? Your imput willbe greatly appreciated, thanks Victor

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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