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    this is for others that want to be together with some who has the same problem

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    Hey Demonghosthunter, nMy name’s Breanna and both me and my sister Erica (8-years-old) have Classical PKU. We have 5 other siblings without PKU aswell. I’d be glad to talk to you! nBreanna n16 w/CPKU


    i can not add any one to my friends list or comment because i half to wait for them to execpt my profile


    :is there any one who lives in lock port,medina,or any areas close by if not thats okay

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    That stinks, well let me know when they accept your profile. And sorry, we live in Wisconsin.


    the only way ican comment is by doing it like this

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    Hey demon,
    I am looking for some friends who have pku like me. We can chat if ya wnt

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    hi my name is hannah and i’v never talked to some one else who also has pku i used to think i was the only one when i was a little kid

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    Hi Hannah, nDon’t worry your far from the only one . We might be 1 out of 15,000, but that defintally doesn’t mean we’re alone. nBreanna

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    pku sucks

    hi its me bubblezz i had to make a new profile coz i 4got ma password hows everyone gettin on ? plz add me

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    It’s great to see you here! I’ll add you, but I can’t yet because the computer won’t let me click on your name. nBreanna


    my new name is rustynail_2010

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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