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    HI there,

    I'm currently trying to lose weight and stick to diet at the same time :) Does anyone relate? Anyone with the same plans? Any advise? 

    Katie xxx

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     I would suggest checking with your dietitian.  There may be another formula you can use with less calories.  I know that was mentioned to me at one time.

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    well im on max xphe orange and have lost wieght with it and Ive cut back on my calories and I go for two 20min walks a day and I was almost 200 pounds and now down to 150 so this is what works for me . I dont drink pop or eat anything high in geases I stick more to fruit and veg and natural sugar and I drink tea rather than drinks with lots of sugar. hope this helps

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     That actually helps me a bit so thank you. I want to lose some weight but with the whole pku thing I just wasn't sure how to do it and stay on the diet. So much of the 'diet foods' are high in protein but i am really trying to keep my phe levels as low as possible.

    I think I'm going to try just the natural foods now rather than looking for specialised weight loss foods. The only issue i think i am going to have is getting excercise in at this time of year. its constantly raining. but i guess where there is a will there is a way…

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     Hey Heidi! I m on the same page with you these days! I am about to visit a simple dietitian though that will form me a diet with the types of food I can eat so there will be no problem.  

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     The medical drink is supposed to help with weight loss, as it has ur protien w/o the phenylalinine… 


     I want to lose weight but its really difficult with this particular diet

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    That´s the question! I was always sad because of my weight. My classmates were always rude to me because with this weight I really wasn´t star.When I saw that most of PKU have the same problem I stopped to worry. When someone don´t like me it´s not my problem, he don´t need to look:) Now I discover the magic of the tourism and I bought gym ball and small secret is also apple winegar (when I remember) :)  – and guess what? I lose 7 kg!:))

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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