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    So I've been thinking a lot about thing kinds of things that I eat and what affect that they have on my heath.  Not as much from a PKU perspective, but just from an eating well perspective.  I'd like to do some kind of natural food challenge, like Whole30 (  I have a pretty high tolerance for PHE.  I don’t count phes or really restrict what I eat among the categories of fruit, vegetables, and pastas/grains.  I don't ever eat any meat, diary, beans, or the like though.  I've been on Kuvan for about a year now, and between that and diet, my levels are well within the good range.  It seems to me like I have kind of substituted starches / grains for what most people would have for a meat dish though.  It seems like the current thinking is really to avoid carbs as entirely as possible and to get the majority of your calories from protein.  Obviously this doesn't work with anything approaching the PKU diet.  I'm wondering if anyone else has looked at these kinds of things and found a way to make it work with the diet.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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