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    Hi Everyone,
    For those who do not know me, I am the mom of a wonderful nine year old who has CPKU.  When Molly went to kindergarten, I went to culinary school.  I launched a culinary non-for-profit dedicated to people with PKU called Cook for Love (  I figured I would let you know that we just added our Low Protein Thanksgiving Menu.  Each dish is delicious and is meant to be shared with all of your guests.  No one would know that they are made for a special diet, just that they enjoyed the meal.  Hope you all enjoy!


    The recipes are all on the site (no registration fees).  Here is the menu:

    The Menu


    To Start

    Baby Greens with Smokey Shitakes and Cider Vinaigrette



    Oven Roasted Portabellas with Sherry Gravy

    served over braised smashed red bliss potatoes and celery root



    Make-Ahead Dinner Biscuits

    Apple and Sage Stuffing

    Cranberry-Orange Sauce

    Butternut Squash with Caramelized Apples

    Green Bean Casserole

    Roasted Vegetables



    German Apple Cake

    Vanilla Ice Cream
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