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    Hiya ! I am 5 weeks pregnant and we are delighted! I have been trying for a good while to get levels down to below 250.I got my levels down but the levels would easily zoom up a bit if i was working too much or if i had a cold so it has been frustrating at times to say the least! Is anyone else trying at the minute or perhaps pregnant as i would love to hear from you??[/COLOR][/FONT]

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    Hi Batwoman, nCongrats on being a mommy-to-be.
    I am not currently pregnant,but i do have an 11 yearold who is healthy as a horse! nTry not to worry.Your levels will spike here and there.I think the highest mine got was 10,and i was panicked,but really i had nothing to worry about.
    I take it ur a first time mom? nEnjoy it as much as u can. nJust don’t ever forget ur suppliment intake that is the babys main nutrition supply.
    If Dr. says u need more calories look into popsicles they are 200 calories for 1. nThat was probably the hardest was getting enough calories,and majority had to come from free foods. nThere are two pressure points on ur wrists if u can find them look for pregnancy wrist bands,and it will help ALOT with morning sickness. nGood Luck,and Congratulations again.
    If u have any questions feel free to ask.
    I remember everything i was ALL Natural.

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    hey Batwoman! My congrats on your pregnancy! I know how you feel because I`m currently already 36 weeks pregnant. I know that dealing with your diet during the pregnancy is really hard; however, believe me that you can do it because you will sacrifice everything to have a healthy baby. When I found out that I was pregnant I was off the diet – and I was scared to death what will happen to my baby. Now, I`m almost ready to have my baby boy and I`m even more scared, even though on ultrasound my baby boy look healthy, I`m still worried about his little brain. It`s hard but it`s worth it. Good luck with everything and when you will be down sometimes think that all girls with PKU have the same experience, and you always can find somebody with the same doubts or worries. Everything will be fine!

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    Thanks Tracie and Nina…I still cant believe it…and i feel fantastic but i better not talk too soon i suppose! Nina congrats on ur pregnancy..u haven’t long to go now to meet ur new baby boy. Try not to worry about him.. i am sure he is healthy and happy in there.Was it long before u knew you were pregnant? Tracie i will try those popsicles and i am drinking 1 or 2 lucozades a day.I am actually hungry all the time !only on 2 exchanges so diet is quite hard but i am used to it now.

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    Hi everyone! i am 8 weeks pregnant today !!I have been soooo nerveous as i had a miscarraige before at 7 weeks so we are overjoyed to get to this point!!My levels are great thank God and i am gradually allowed more protein-i am on 6 baby book tells me the little one is 1 inch and d eyes and ears are forming.My tummy is huge already…could it be twins?? Any news from anyone else?

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    Good Job Batwoman. nYou made it past the #7 thats great.Just baby yourself,and take extra care.
    I have a good feeling nTwins huh!Anything is possible.Request a sonagram a little over 3 months,and closer to 4.Its hard to get calories.Also if your able to get more calcium eat tums.Those are free too.I ate so many in one night i puked
    Anyways keep me posted.Keep up the great job,and think postive.Positivity goes along way.

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    Is it true that in the last few months or so of a PKU pregnancy you increase your phe levels to “normal” levels? I read this somewhere, can’t remember where, I was shocked, never heard about that before. I read the baby has it’s own system to breakdown the phe so that’s why it’s okay. Anybody know anything about this?

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    IT'S TWINS !!!!!!!!!!   I had a scan yesterday…2 sacs and two little ones racing around in there !! We can't believe it….Feel so blessed.  Now at 11 weeks and going well !! Will tell my dietition today..I am the first twins with pku mammy in northern Ireland !! Watch this space…should be interesting !! Yipee !!

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    Congrats on the twins! I wish you the best of luck!

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     congrats… i am not pregnant but i have and 8 month old healthy baby girl. i found out i was pregnant  while i was off diet , i was a nervous wreck that she wouldnt be healthy… and it was really hard to stick to my diet and drink the formula, especially with morning sickness that had me hospitalized twice… but  it is well worth it …

    cmbell… yes they raise your levels to almost  normal …everyone is different… it depends on how much phe the baby is breaking down… my  little girl was breaking down so much phe they were making me eat meat …everyday and drink milk.

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    Hi everyone and congratulations batwoman and polish! I'm not pregnant myself but hoping to be by the end of the year or so. Currently seeing the maternal PKU dietitian to get my levels down and I've been pretty good so far. Got 213 last test and that's within the healthy range but the best is about 175. I'm on 10g a day with 4 Lophlex.

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    Hi everyone,
    it is great to see some pkuers going through pregnancy at the moment. I am now older than my mum was when i was born so thinking i really need to get onto this having a baby thing. I am stressing out about whats involved. So great to hear about the twins. I always hoped that would happen to me so i would only have to be really strict with my diet once. Glad to hear it does happen.
    Just wanting to know what is the best way to start to get prepared?

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    Hi everyone!! 

    I have read (with great interest) everyone's stories about maternal PKU. Congrats to all of you trying to start families, have had healthy babies and to Batwoman on the confirmation of twins! that's fantastic! 

    Just want to introduce myself! I am from Bermuda and live on the island with my husband (orginally from Austria). I was born with PKU and have followed the diet my whole life- including formula! I am on Phlexy – 10 and take an additional supplement of vitamins! 

    My goal is to have a family and i am currently in the process of lowering my level which is at 4.4 mgl so i am almost there! thanks to Cambrooke Foods – it is not as difficult as i thought it would be – along with my love of fruit and Vegetables! 

    I was never really restricted, and have been able to tolerate a pretty high phe in take my whole life, so getting used to new foods has been a challenge, but as many of you have mentioned already, it's something that you just do as a female with PKU -at this time of your life! 

    Anyway, just saying hello and hope to hear of everyone's progress! I will update you as and when necessary! 

    Take care,


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    Congrats Batwoman!!! I am not pregnant but am considering to do so, I have to first lower my levels and control them. Reading your posting brings a smile to my face because I hope to be just as happy and blessed as you are and sound!

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    congrats on your baby girl…am sure it was such a relief when everything was ok. Being sick certainly makes taking our medicine more interesting…i find to stop from being sick with it i have to take it at night..its not easy but worth it. i am now 15 weeks and my exchanges have gone up to 16. i also have to take tyrosine on its own so these little twins must be thriving in there !!  

                       I do physiotherapy for a gaelic football team and we got to an ulster final last sunday.I have not told them yet so i try to hide the bump under my jersey! I do pitch-side stuff  so i have to run on when one of the guys get injured. Seemingly i was on tv but i haven't seen the game myself yet! so the twins are good luck and they have already been invoved in an ulster final!!!  

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