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     This is more about the site than anything to do with PKU…I am having issues reading my messages?!?

    It tells me in an Alert at the top of my page that I have 3 unread messages and then when I get to my inbox it says 0 unread messages! 

    Can anyone help?!

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     My message alerts are totally messed up on this website too.  I am not sure what the deal is?

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     I have the same problem . There is always an alert for 2 messages , when I have viewed them all.

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    Hi Becky..

    I have the same issue too, mines saying 2 alerts but when i go to view them i have nothing, weird innit x

    Hope everything is well with you x

    Nic x

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     hmm…well at least I'm not the only one!! I thought I was just getting old and not up to the technical-ness! lol! 

    I'm ok thanks Nic, hope you're all good too?! x x x 

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    Hi every one . I have the same problem for 2 months . every time I log in , on the top of my page , this sentence will be show ; 1 new alerts and when I click on it , it shows 8 new messages . but my inbox is empty .

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    Hi there

    I too have this problem- telling me there are messages but none in my inbox.

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    The problem with Message Alerts is related to spam activity. Lately, there has been an increase in spam on As soon as such activity comes to our notice, we delete the user account and all related activity on, including personal messages. However, the message alerts reside on individual user accounts and therefore we cannot modify it.

    The reason your alert count does not match the Inbox message count is because some of the messages you received were spams, and the message has been deleted.

    We are working on a fix and will notify you as soon as it is implemented. In the interim, we appreciate your understanding as we strive to keep spam free.

    Best, Support Team“>

    Avatar of Becky

    Oh ok thanks very much PKUADMIN!! =)

    Avatar of Nicole

    Oh nice one… Thanks PKUADMIN x x

    Am good thanks Becki, back at work :-( x

    Avatar of sara

    thanks for the info i thought i was deleating them on acc, so thanks for the info……………..

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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