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    I have heard from different places that I can join the military and others that I cannot. I have wanted to join since I was little and would join in a heartbeat if I am able to. Is it only certain jobs that are available to people with PKU or certain branches of military? Any information about this would be greatly appreciated as I quite frankly have no information on the subject.

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    well i dont know about the other branches, but i know i've talked to a guy with PKU who is in the army. im not sure if you can only get certain jobs and stuff like that. i dont think thats the case, he's been deployed before, so i dont see why your MOS would matter. i havent talked to him in a few years though and have no idea if the email address i have is still one he uses but i can give it to you if you want..

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    Hi, I was in the navy, untreated with PKU, and interestingly, there was also another gentlemand with PKU untreated on my ship too.  He was the only person I have met in my day to day life with PKU…Anyways, he had been off diet for much longer than I had and had much more severe symptons.  As time wore on it became clear to me that many problems I was facing were a direct result of not being treated.  To make a long story short he and I were both honorably discharged from the Navy.  Since then I have found out that you can be in the military and have PKU but it does limit the jobs you can take.  Virginia Schult seemed to know quite a bit about this, as do my doctors in Virginia at the university in Richmond.  Good luck and I wish you the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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