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    so i am presenting my idea for a PKU walk a thon to my mamager today at my work . we are a farely large company with severl stores around the island so its a pretty big deal. i am very nervous adn sick to my stomach…not only are we such a big comapny and this is such a importnat casue to me , but my manager scares the hell out of me…. and im worried i shouldnt be presentign this for his sponser ship since im still so new here. not even 3 months in. and i loooooove my job. but i feel sleggs (my work) could be a varlubale asset to the walk a thon for getting ppl to walk and mayeb donations for supplies like vests and flag ppl. i plan on paying for the location and walk a thon myslef out of my pocket so im not askign for money but i would like some volunteers or ppl to show there support and walk!!
    dose anyone hve any words of ecourgment advice for my meetign today? im so nerovus im shacking.. i only have 7 months left to plan and hold this walk a thon.. we plan to have it may 10th 2008.
    thank u all in advnace!

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    well i just deleived my proposal for the walk a thon to my manager… after stressing over it for 3 days its seams rather silly i wasnet even in there 5 mins… oh well now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed. wish me and my comittee luck!! ill do my best to keep u all posted!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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