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    I have a little story about how my friend finally realized how hard it is sometimes to try and explain PKU. So here it is:
    So in biology we’re studying genetics right now and today was more focused on genetic disorders and of course PKU was brought up. Well I sit right next to my best friend of almost 7 years, Samantha. Anyway when she saw the word phenylketonuria in the biology book the first thing she does is turns to me and whispers, “Oh my god! Isn’t that what you have? I didn’t think they’d have that in here that’s so cool.” I couldn’t help but laugh, but anyway so we talked about that a bit and my friend was like, “can I tell the teacher after class you have PKU?” And she went on and on about how she wanted to tell him because she thought it was so cool and thought I could tell him alittle bit more since we’re going to be to learning about PKU for about a week.
    I told her I didn’t really care if she told him, because truthfully as much of a pain PKU is I don’t mind so much as I did when I was younger if people know. I’m not saying that I can easily answer questions about PKU without a breeze but it is like 1000 times easier then when I was younger and I’m not so, I guess you could say, self concious like I used to be. So like all thru biology she kept whispering things about how cool she thought it was that we were talking about PKu and then she kept asking me if I was sure it would be okay if she told him after class.
    Well class ended and she went up to tell him but then after standing there and asking him about her grade she left. I was standing right by her so she wasn’t alone. When I asked her why she didn’t tell him like she wanted to she told me she didn’t know what to say and how to tell him. Yeah, she just couldn’t believe it was that hard. She knows a good handful about PKU and knows what to say but when she got there she said she just couldn’t tell him. And then she went on and on about how she didn’t know how I did it explaining PKU to people.
    She also said even though it wasn’t her who dealt with PKU she just didn’t want to say because she was afraid of what he’d think of me and I just told her if he thought anything bad about me after finding out about my PKU then somethings wrong with him, not me. I told her I’m getting an A in his class and he can see I have no trouble socializing (sometimes I talk abit to much ) so clearly nothings wrong with me. I just kind of found it funny but also was glad she did that and realized that it isn’t that easy because even though we’re like best friends she’s always been the friend that when people ask about my PKU and I don’t give a straight answer she says something like, “why didn’t you tell them, it can’t be that hard.” Just thoguht I’d share my funny and relief-ful (if that’s a word) story. I’m just glad my friend had this little learning experience, and I will probably tell my teacher about my PKU tomorrow.

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    Well turns out I didn’t have to tell my biology teacher. I got into biology today and the first thing Sam says is, “I told him!” He asked me a few questions and asked if any of my sibilings had PKU to and I told him my younger sister did and that my older brother is a carrier. We know my brother is because when I was born he was developmentally slow and they tested him for PKU just to be sure since he was like 17 months and just walking, but turns out he’s only a carrier. But anyway he thought it was interesting and cool and also said how he had no idea I had PKU. But because he has diabetes he understands that just because your on a special diet doesn’t mean you are any different from others, plus we talked a bit and he actually knows quite a bit about PKU.
    Just thought I’d tell you how things turned out n~Breanna~

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