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    Hi, My husband, 40 is thinking of returning to PKU diet after 20 years. I have no experience with preparing a meal or what a person with PKU can and can't eat. I know that he can not have protein but I honestly have no idea what I can make for him. Any help with reciepes or a place that  I might fine menus would be greatly appreciated.

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    Go to – it is a non-for-profit culinary website devoted to low protein cooking (no fees, just need to register to access recipes).  Try the penne a la vodka to start or the mushroom fajitas.

    Good luck!
    Brenda, Founder of Cook for Love Inc 

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    Stir fry ftw? 


    Oooh then some french onion soup with mushrooms.

    and a salad

    That'll get em.

    Or at least it would get me.

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     Think of it as a Vegan diet (lots of veggies and fruit)…Minus all the meat substitutes(mostly very high in protein) is a great site to find low pro foods and replacement food. I highly recommend it as a stepping stone for foods seeing as they have a very large variety of foods available and not all specifically in their brand like (also a good place for food)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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