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    Hello everyone! I am new here and am looking forward to learning much more about PKU. Right now I am in need of recipes! I have found one recipe book that I am ordering off of another PKU website I found before this one. I have a friend w/ PKU and whenever the friend is over I want to have more “interesting” meals for him. Although he is easy to please it is nice for other social gatherings to have more for him to have to choose from. Plus, my co-wokers want recipes so when we are over they too can make dishes for him plus what I bring. Also, where can I purchase the special pasta and pizza crust, low protein breads and such, is there a website? I greatly appreciate all information and can I give my email address for anyone to send this to me? I don’t ercall? I am a “quick” reader of the terms, haha!! have a good evening everyone!!!

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    Hi, nDid you find Cambrooke Foods? They are on the internet and they have great tasting foods and baking mixes for the PKU diet. nSarah


    Hi,there is a web site that offers such pizza crust and other stuff. I get all are stuff from Cambrooke but Dietary Specialties is good too. The food they provide is ok according to my wife but I like to spice it up a notch. I have alot of recipes I use for my wife and daughter. I could help you with some things. I like to cook using real food but I try very hard to stay away from phe or protien. My wife likes Stuffed peppers and stuffed Mushrooms but to do this you need to get the Imitation Rice from CamBrooke foods. After you have this get creative remember no meat or anything like that. I use like stir fryed vegis mixed with the rice and stuff the peppers and cook in the oven until done. Another thing is my low protien lasagnia you can get the noodles form the same place. Using the same method as normal lasagnia use only vegis and use the special cheese from cambrooke with a meatless marinara always a fav for my wife and daughter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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