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    Hi all,
    The culinary school that I went to was primarily vegetarian based.  As a result, many of the students were vegans.  I was hearing a good deal of buzz from my vegan friends about a new cheese from Daiya that some of the top vegetarian restaurants were using.  I contacted the company and they told me that the cheese would be available for retail at the end of March.  We called Whole Foods yesterday and they had it in stock.  We immediately got in the car and got some.  We made pizza last night and all I can say is YIPPPPPPPPEEEEE! 

    The cheese was AMAZING.  It melted beautifully and to Molly's delight, it stretched as well.  We have been able to coax Follow Your Heart to melt with some olive oil, but nothing like this cheese.  Oh yeah, most importantly the taste was incredible.  Since it is not soy based, you can freeze it without altering the texture so no more throwing out have a block of cheese.  It comes in mozarella and cheddar flavor shreds (we have not tried cheddar yet).  No trans-fats.  It is 2.88 mg/gm.  I have a phone call and e-mail into the company and hope to get more exact information by next week.  It is made in Canada so our friends up north should be able to get it too.

    The site is under construction, but there is a list of where you can buy the cheese (including online stores). I recommend calling your Whole Foods before making the hike since it just became available last week.

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    2.8 mg/gram?? That sounds great. Thanks for the info. I have found some cheese in some grocery stores in my area that are about 60mg per slice. Once in awhile I'll use it to make low protein grilled cheese sandwiches. I'll have to check out the vegan stuff.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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