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    hi everyone im ray i have a wee boy who has classical pku 3 exchanges per day  wecome from glasgow ,scotland . my wee boy is 2 years old he is doing great his levels are pretty much where they need to be no probs there. im going to take him and his brothers to disneyland next year and was looking for some info on how are the restaraunts are when you have someone with pku and if anybody has been to the states what are customs like as we have to take his milk ect with us or anyone from florida would be even better but it is open to everyone . thanks guys

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    Disneyland in California or Disneyworld in Florida?  This is a recent post on the List-Serv about dining in Disney:

    Thank you for inquiring about how the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort handles special dietary requests.  We now have special dietary information on our website at the following link.

    The attached documents should help you with your planning.  Please check the Walt Disney World Resorts Dietary Reference Sheet and it will give you more information regarding the products we carry.
    Please complete and return the Guest Allergy  – Dietary Request Form by email to []  or fax to 407-560-2992.  Be sure to list the restaurant names and dates where you plan to dine.  This way we can alert all the various restaurant Chefs and Managers of your upcoming visit and there would be no need for you to contact the individual restaurants directly.
    Due to the large volume of meals we serve, vendors and suppliers occasionally swap out product.  Therefore menu items and preparation is often updated.  We stress that you ask to speak to a Chef or Manager when you arrive at each location.  They will be happy to assist with your selection and provide product labels and ingredients for menu items.
    Let  us  know if you need any further assistance. 
    Lee Brady
    Guest Communication Services
    Walt Disney World

    The Florida PKU Foundation might also be a good resource for you.  We have not been to Disneyworld in a long time but found them very accomodating with the PKU diet but require advanced notification.

    Hope you guys have a blast!
    Brenda mom to Molly 9 CPKU & Jack 8 non

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    we are going to disneyland florida thanks

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    hi ppl im lily im 23 i have classic pku n i hate it i wish there were no such thing im new to this site n id like to make friends n also chat to ppl about wot they ve been thruw on pku im just wounderin if en1 feels like there not normal cus sum ppl that dnt understand it call it a desease

    plz let me no how pku has affected u n how u deal iv it

    thank u

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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