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    hey all! i recieved this email from a research company out of chicago. it’s a 30 minute phone survey that pku patients using kuvan can take. u get paid $150!! free money!! i would take it, but i’m not on kuvan. for those of u who are, take advantage!!! here’s the email:
    nI am writing on behalf of bioStrategies Group. We are a consulting firm specializing in helping clients develop and commercialize innovative services & technologies to better serve patients, physicians and the healthcare system.
    We are currently conducting a study in conjunction with the Medical Affairs department at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. and are seeking feedback from patients or parents of patients who are currently taking, or have taken Kuvan for their PKU. We would like to hear your thoughts on your experiences so far on Kuvan, Phe Monitor and PEG-PAL in order to help BioMarin continue to grow and improve their products and services.
    This study will involve a 30 minute telephone interview, scheduled at your convenience. In recognition of your help, you will be paid $150. You will not be subjected to a sales pitch, nor will any personal information be disseminated.
    We are beginning interviews this Thursday, December 11th. If interested, please reply to this email, suggest some dates and times in the coming weeks you may be available for the call, and supply the primary and back-up phone numbers at which you can be then reached.
    For further information about this study, you may contact either myself or Chris Schelling , Director of Strategic Marketing at BioMarin by email: If you would like to learn more about our company, please visit
    I look forward to speaking with you.
    Julie Benson n____________ nRecruiting Manager
    bioStrategies Group
    20 S. Clark, Suite 1600 nChicago, IL, 60603 n(800) 433-4579 ext. 230

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    Thanks for passing this on Jenn! I’ll definitely look into it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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