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    I'm a young adult. I am autistic and mentally disabled.I can read and writeUnder guidance I can independently dress, eat, travel, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.. I was always very thin. I just found out that I have  problem is degrading aminoacids, including phe degradation. Now I have a doctor. He gave me recipes for formulas. Now I get state support for Milupa LP formulations loprofin drink and starch. It also appeared to have osteoporosis, despite my youth. Therefore, I have state support for tablets Ca and vitamin D3 . I have Scoliosis and I can not bend down. I can not grasp the outstretched knee ankle.
    formulas are no problem. I learned to weigh out and prepare them. The bread and pasta is a serious problem. In the shops I can be done PKU bread or flour. But they are very expensive, they do not have state support. Therefore, I would like to lower cost with support available starch knead dough, bake bread. To do this, I would like to receive help. Found hererecipes. but the ingredients used in it for me (in Europe) are not available, or. if available would be very expensive.
    Now, we have developed a recipe. Taste delicious, but the bread is very crumbly.
    So me need help how can I bake good bread from starch.

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    My recipe: starch (1 kg) thoroughly knead with fat  (250 g) (olive, margarine, butter, etc). This should be to not separate the starch from the liquid. Then mixed with grated carrots, grated boiled potatoes, grated apple and lemon juice or citric acid. In the water soaked Ceratonia siliqua flour (carob flour) I'm  mixingto the others. I add salt and the sugared yeast (50 g). well-knead. I share them into two part. Put them intogreased form and bake it at 180 grad. At the top end of the breads grease with oi.
    I see here, may be need bake at the 350 grade.

    My bread is good for taste, but crumbly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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