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    Can I use the powder, and the ingredients to make something else up? Like, fix mashed potatoes with it, or maybe make a creamy fruit dessert? Any PKU people have feedback on the flavor? How do you drink your formula? Do you get sick of it? What do you do for variety?

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    About the cooking I’m not sure, I know alot of formulas say on the cans not to mix them with hot foods or cook them. As for mixing things when I was little my grandma always mixed nestle strawberry syrup into my formula. I also know of people who mix things like kool-aid into their formulas. I know there is phenex 2 unflavored and vanilla but I’m not sure what other types of phenex 2 there are. There is also phenylade which is almost the same as Phenex but I think it tastes better, it comes in chocolate, vanilla, orange and strawberry. nBreanna

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    I agree with Brea. Don’t cook the formula because amino acids change form in heat and therefore your child wont get all of the nutrients that are in the formula. My mother also used the Nestle Strawberry syrup stuff but I never cared for it. I just recently discovered the amazingness of PKU smoothies. Use the formula, ice, apple juice, and fruit in a blender and serve. I think it’s fantastic.
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    Me and my sister do that all the time! We’ll make a smoothie and then mix our formula into ours. The only reason we can’t just mix our formula into the whole batch of the smoothie is because we drink different formulas. I don’t really do this that much anymore though because the formula I drink isn’t a powder.

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    for cooking and baking i use silk or riches coffe cream. there creamers not really milk that are very low phe. there is also rice dream u can use. when i was admitted to hospital for high levels they used these in my cerel and baking. ask ur dietican though wich one would be best for u as all of them and ppl are diffrent!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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