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    I have a 10yr old son with Hyperphe and we’ve been struggling with the bedwetting issue since he was potty trained. I’m finally at my wits end because I’ve read most kids outgrow around this age and he seems to be getting worse! We’ve tried all the suggestions of our Dr. but before we go back for another check-up I thought I’d see if this might be a common trait in PKUers? He also has always seemed to be a more “urgent urinater” during the day than other people. Could it be the nature of their diets? Maybe the body excreting more toxins due to the intolerance? nThanks.

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    I had problems with bedwetting until I was 8, and I can tell you mine was not related to PKU. A lot of children have a problem with bedwetting until they are older than the “norm”. I would suggest talking to your doctor about possible remedies or ways to help your child get into more of a routine. Meaghan

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    I agree with Meaghan. I do not think it necessarily has to do with PKU. A lot of kids have issues with bed wetting. My twelve year old sister and eight year old cousin who do not have PKU did not stop wetting the bed until about a year ago. The only advice I have is to talk with your sons doctor and just keep in mind that he is not doing it on purpose.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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