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    Hi everyone

    Our daughter is almost 10 year old and has PKU (250 mg phe a day). Her brother almost 3 years old and we the parents are PKU free.
    Due to our work schedules we are thinking of having an Au Pair girl living with us next spring to help us with childcare and PKU diet.
    We can offer established PKU diet, two fun children to take care of. We speak english and will support you to learn german. You sould be at least 18 years old and love children, be responsible and have a valid drivers licence.
    We live on the countryside close to Zurich, Switzerland overlooking the lake. Should you like the idea or know someone who would like to be with us, so please let us know.

    Looking forward to your replies.
    Greetings from Switzerland 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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