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    Hi everyone!

    I currently live in the US but I’m planning on studying abroad in Maynooth, Ireland for 5 months (end of January til June 2010). My formula is Camino Pro from Cambrooke and I basically live on low protein foods like the pasta, bread, pizza rolls, etc. Has anyone ever tried to ship any kind of low pro foods/formula out of the US before? I’m a bit worried with customs restrictions and such. If anyone lives in/has visited Ireland, do you have any suggestions about where I can get low protein food while I’m there? I’m so excited about going but I’m really hoping I will be able to keep my levels low.

    If anyone has any suggestions at all please let me know! Thanks!


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    Hi Emily,

    I studied abroad a few years ago in Europe — Specifically, Rome is where I had food shipped… I actually brought some with me, but then ended up having my parents ship more to me — wish was extremely expensive!  If I were you, I would call Cambrooke Foods and ask them if there is something they can work out with you to get the formula and foods to you.  I have found them to be helpful and I am sure they will be able to give you more answers!  I am so jealous — I wish I could go away and study abroad again!  Have an AWESOME time!


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    Hey Emily,

    Have fun studying abroad! I wish I could study abroad, but I don't think I would do too well away from my family for very long :).

    Have you tried sending an email to the listserv? If I remember correctly Ireland has the highest prevelance of PKU, so I am sure you would be able to find someone who already lives there that can help you with the ins and outs.

    Have fun!!!


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    Hi Emily,

    I live in Ireland in Co.Wicklow which is about 35 minutes outside Dublin city centre so it is not very far from Maynooth. My son who will be 1 in November has PKU.

    We are lucky here, in that all the low protein foods are free for us and available from our Pharmacies, the Dieticians in the hospital that my son attends gives me prescriptions for any food that I want to try out. So the pharmacy order the food for me.

    We have access to low protein bread, bread rolls, pasta, pizza bases, biscuits/cookies, rice, baking mixes, chocolate, desert mixes.

    The 2 main suppliers of food that we use are 'Promin' and SHS

    As I said above we do not have to buy this food and I believe it is very expensive. I am sure a Pharmacy close to where you are staying could help you and perhaps order some of this food for you.

    I hope this is of some help for you, if you need any more information, let me know.


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    I also live in Ireland and i have PKU. I order my food (also free) on prescription, through my local pharmacist. my dietician lets me no of any new low protein products coming out and sometimes will give me a sample. if i like it, i tell my pharmacist and he orders it through suppliers.

    my dietician also informs me of any low protein cookery demonstrations in the area, which include great ideas for low protein recipes.

    i suggest you speak to your new local pharmacy and they will help you.


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               Come on ahead to Ireland sure the craic(fun) is mighty!!!!

                 Believe me you will have no trouble here getting pku foods… Temple street metabolic unit is a fantastic leader in pku…it was dr Murphy who told the world to  diet for life while other countries took their patients off the diet…

               Why not put yourself under their care while you are here??? Go in and chat to them…

                    I am pregnant at the minute and they are so thorough and professional and always at the end of the phone should i have any queries.

                 Also just give me a shout if you need anything as i always have pku foods to spare!!!

                     As regards your Pku i feel you will have no worries so that just leaves you to get going on the socialising and the odd bit of studying thrown in !!!

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    ja živim u hrvatsko i imam kćer od 3,5 godina i vrlo mi je teško doći do hrane jer nas ima vrlo mnogu hranu koju vi koristite vjerovatno nikad nisam ni vidjela i čula.sve nabavljamo iz njemačke.pomozite ako znate kako tnešto nabaviti iz drugih zemalja.pozdrav i velika hvala ana
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    Emily ,
               Did you come to Ireland?

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