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    I am new to and I am a close friend of an adult whom has PKU. I have known Chris for almost 3 years [/COLOR]now and learn things as I go, and the nutritional guidelines always seem to stump me, everytime I am wondering about a specific cooking ingredient. My question is: Can a person with PKU eat red beans?[COLOR=blue]

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    The answers no, for most PKU people. It really depends on the person because everyone with PKU is allowed a different amount of food. I for example am probably allowed more then your friend because I’m on a drug that is allowing me to eat more and now I’m allowed roughly 20g of protein/day, instead of 6g like it was before.
    I guess my rule of thumb when I was now allowed as much food was if it has 2g of protein or more/serving, it’s probably not okay. You’d have to check with your friend though because red beans might be okay for her if she has a high food tolerance, but I think usually for most people with PKU the answer is no. nDid that make sense? If not let me know! nBre 16 CPKU

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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