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    i just thougth we should have place to post links for ppl lookign to find low pro foods. or sites that offer info about the diet and foods.
    here are a few i use:
    if anyone has anymore could u pls post them , i would love to check them out,
    feel free to post recomendations on ur favorite foods to !

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    Amanda, nYou read my mind! I was going to do a post asking for the websites. My AddyAngel took her first bite of food today. I’m going start buying freezer food now, since its soooo $$$.
    I did find another site. nToo bad my husband can’t be Jed Clement everytime he hits nautral gas. I would have no problem buying this food.

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    awww omg her first bite? thats awsome!! what did she eat? i can barely afford the foods.. but im excited cause i just discoverd the cambrooks food site so im gonna place my first order after pay day.. if i were to buy one of everything i want to try it would total. 409.71 canandain. wich is outrageous so for now im gonna try to spend under 300.. im writting aletter to my mp this month too about lo pro foods and the exspenses..untill i was 19 i never had much lo pro food.. but after i met cole he bought 2oo dollars worth every 3 months for me.. now that i have a full time job i am startignto buy it my slef!!!

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    Hey, I just thought I would add another low protein food website to the list it’s and I thought I would mention something else. On there is something called diet wells. Basically everyday you keep track of your phe (or your childs phe) you get 100 points and each point is worth $0.50 US money. When you order you can use up to 3000 points, or $15. I just thought I’d mention this since the high prices of low protein food (that I’m sure we all know about) got brought up.
    By the way that’s so exciting that Addy tried her first food! That is great to here! nBre

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    hey bre (and everyone else) thanks for all the websites.. i jsut looked the dietspec one and i was amazed..for most of the same prudct that would cost me 400 dollars (canadian) will only cost me 80.00 bucks (canadaian) on there site.. i was shocked. but im not sure if im aloud all the prodcuts so i wrote a letter to the site owner and asked him… instead of reapeating myself ill copy and past it here and maybe someone can ansewr my questions….
    n(to dietary specailites)
    hi , im really confused and have a couple questions. i am 21 and i have PKU and ahve never been of diet. i jsut found ur discoverd ur site and it seams to be a dream come true.. but im concerd , i cant find any info on the products.. i want to know what the differance is between the gluten free produts and the lopro foods are… i know that im aloud most lo pro foods but i cant fins the PHE listed and im very intrested in making an order.. but im not sure if i can have the gluten free products as they seem to use real cheese and eggs etc and not the imtiations im use too.. could u pls send me some additonal info on ur products exspeically the low pro burgers and buns and the gluten free perogies and pizza for both the gluten free and the lo pr.. i want to order the sampler frozen pack and some additional orders!!! nif u could get back to me at your eriliest conivince id be very greatful. i look forward to making an order asap!!

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    Amanda- All of the DS (dietary specialities) low protein products are low in phe. For example I know that the elbow noodles are 7mg of phe for 1/3c. So if you order products from the low protein section I’m sure you will be okay phe wise.
    I really don’t think the gluten free products are okay for us. A few of them may, but they were not made specifically for Phenylketonurics so the people creating them were not focusing on low phe. Those products are made for people who cannot have a gluten allergy (I think it is called Celiac sprue but I’m not positive). I have a friend who actually has this so she has to stay away from products that contain gluten and the gluten free products she use are gluten free but not neccesarily phe free.
    I hope this helps! nBre

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    what about the lo pr burgers what are they made of? are the poratble mushrooms like the crambrooke foods ones? if so im gonna order the frozen sampler and pasta.. aslo do know know about the varatly pack of porridge.. is it liek cream of wheat or like really flakes? ni may place an order after i hear from u so im checkign back regularly.. im so excited!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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